Our Vision

To be the preferred choice of a community that lives and learns the catholic faith: a fountain for those who seek spiritual nourishment in a peaceful atmosphere, inspiring all to the love of God’s Grace in a culture cordially centered in Christ.

Our Mission

We, the community of St. Catherine of Siena Parish- Kitisuru, in the Archdiocese of Nairobi, guided by our patroness Saint Catherine of Siena and amidst our multicultural diversity, are called to celebrate God’s presence in our lives, by being prayerful and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ in the spirit of faith and service to all who seek shelter in our paris

Our Core Values

Being a church in Nairobi endowed with a diverse range of international cultures, we: •Recognize and welcome our visitors individually every Sunday; •Cultivate a sense of belonging; •Promote spiritual growth; •Demonstrate love and concern; •Value inclusiveness; •Support openness; •Show transparency; and •Encourage unity.

Our Benchmarks

•Our benchmarks shall be: •Christian population on Sundays and weekdays; •Involvement of christians in the liturgy; •Iacramental dispensation; •Financial sustainability; and •Growth and sustainability of church initiatives vis a vis projects

Like any other parish, St. Catherine of Siena is led by the parish priest who is assisted by assistant priests. There is also the parish pastoral council which gives counsel to the parish priest for smooth running of the parish. The first parish priest was Rev. Fr. Ed Goman, OP who was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Kieran, OP, and then Rev. Fr. Martin Ndegwa, OP. Later, Rev. Fr. John Lenkaak, OP, then Rev. Fr. Gideon Muchira, OP and now the current parish priest Fr. Emmanuel Mulu, OP.
The Parish Priest is assisted by other priests who reside in the parish. They include Rev. Prof. Frederick Mvumbi, OP-Lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa; Rev. Fr. Leo Mwenda, OP-A PhD candidate at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and Rev. Fr. Gideon Muchira, OP- the Vicar Provincial of the Dominicans in Eastern Africa.
The priests also minister to the students of the University of Nairobi’s School of Business located in Lower Kabete. There are two Mass in a week in Lower Kabete. On Sunday, Mass is at 11.00 am while on Tuesday, Mass is at 8.00 pm. Both Mass are in English.
Last but not the least, the priests also serve in an Outstation of the parish, St. Martin’s Kibagare which is located in an informal settlement area (slum). For lack of land, the Christians worship in a school chapel owned by the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi who own a center for education in the slum. The center is home for a girls high school and a primary school both run by the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi to help the children from the slum to acquire education.
Mass at St. Martin’s Kibagare is as follows
Sunday: 7.30 am students-English
              9.00 am Christians-Swahili
Friday: 5.00 pm students-English
The other weekdays, namely Monday and Wednesday mass are in the morning at 7 am for the sisters’ community in the center (Assumption Sisters of Nairobi).



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