St Catherine of Siena Catholic Parish, Kitisuru falls under the Archdiocese of Nairobi. Sometime prior to the year 2002 the family of the late Mr. Joseph Githinji (May he rest in peace) donated a five (5) acre parcel of land in Kitisuru, Nairobi to the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi. In 2002, the piece of land was placed under the stewardship of the Dominican Friars of Eastern Africa Vicariate with a Parish status by the then Archbishop Raphael Ndingi Mwana N’zeki (emeritus).
The Parish membership started with a handful of Christians which has grown to the current membership now numbering about 300 registered members with a potential to grow more. However, the population is quite dynamic in that some members come and leave in a rapid manner presumably associated with the demands of their work. This is because the parish is located near the United Nations Complex, International Organizations and Embassies among others in its neighborhood with employees who are always in constant movement.

The new church project
Since its inception to date, the parish community has been worshipping under a Makuti makeshift (makuti is the name given to coconut leaves). However, in 2011, the then Parish Priest, Fr. John Lenkaak, OP and the Parish Pastoral Council organized the Christians who began contributing some money through Harambees (generous contributions) for construction of a permanent church. Construction began immediately with the first amount of money contributed. The pace has been slow but in tandem with the inflow of funds which are solely raised by the small number of Christians within the parish. They have been very faithful and committed to this cause without getting tired. The intention of the Parish Council was to complete the building in a span of four years. This has been quite elusive due to unavailability of sufficient funds in time. The building is at an advanced stage although there is still a lot of work to be done which requires a substantial amount of money to compete it.  We continue to request for generous contributions from well-wishers to complete the project.

The Parish has a membership that now numbers about 100 families who constitute Small Christian Communities, Ecclesial Groups, Associations and other groups. The following Ecclesial groups and associations are present in St. Catherine Parish:  Pontifical Missionary Childhood (PMC), Youth, Catholic Women Association (CWA), the Choir, the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC), Self Help Group, and Welfare Group, etc.
Other committees and councils that assist the Parish priest in running the affairs of the parish include but not limited to the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), the Finance Council, the Liturgy Committee and the Fundraising Committee.

Mass Schedules at St. Catherine of Siena


Confession is every First and Third Saturday of the Month-At st Catherine of Siena

Confession is every Second and Fourth Saturday of the Month-At St Martin Kibagare Church

We wish to thank you All most sincerely for your continuous support and collaboration, we appreciate the financial support that facilitates our pastoral work. We pray that God may continue to abundantly bless you and your family.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Rev.Fr. Emmanuel Mulu,OP






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St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Kitisuru

Announcements for First Sunday of Advent

27th  November 2022


1.    Today is the First Sunday of Advent. We take this opportunity to thank the following groups for their service today:

8.00a.m mass: Youth

10.00a.m. mass: Lay Dominicans

12.00 noon mass: St. Vincent Small Christian Community


2.    Next Sunday will be the Second Sunday of Advent. The following groups will be on duty:

8.00 a.m. Mass: C.W.A

10.00a.m Mass: MYM

12.00 noon Mass: C.W.A


3.    We shall have infant baptisms at the Parish on Saturday, 3rd December 2022 at 10.00a.m. Parents who have registered their children for baptism and have attended classes should attend rehearsals on Friday, 2nd December 2022 at 4.00p.m. 

4.    The Central Deanery Family Day will be on 3rd of December at St. Mary's Msongari from 10am. Each church ecclesial group from both St. Catherine of Siena and St Martin are requested to send a minimum of 10 representatives.

5.    The 2022 Christmas Carols shall take place on 11th December after the second mass. All SCCs, Ecclesial Groups, Families and any Individuals who wish to participate are requested to register their items with the catechist, Elias Simuyu or Church Administrator by 4/12/2022.


6.    The PPC invites all Christians to a ceremony to be held after the second mass on 11th December to welcome the new Parish Priests and to say kwaheri to the outgoing priests. In preparation, we shall have a 2nd collection on the 4th of December to raise funds to purchase the gifts for the outgoing Priests.  It is expected that the different groups and the small Christian communities shall gift the Priests individually to show their appreciation. 

7.    Owing to the prevailing famine, our Parish has faced consistent requests for support from both our regular beneficiaries and refugees. As good Christians, we need to intervene. Beginning this week, the Charity Committee requests you to donate dry foodstuff, clothing, detergents and old newspapers. You may drop your donation at the Parish office on weekdays or the provided boxes at the Church entrance on Sundays. We look forward to your usual spirit of generosity.  

8.    Meetings:

  •     St Clare SCC will have their November meeting today, after the 10a.m. mass, outside the adoration chapel. Members are requested to attend.

  •    Parents/guardians of Missionary Youth Movement (MYM) will have a meeting with the Priest today, after the 10.00a.m. mass at the basement room. Please attend without fail. 

  •     All ecclesial groups will have their meetings next Sunday, 4th December 2022 after the 10.00a.m. Mass. 

  •    The PPC shall have a very short meeting on 11th December after the Christmas Carols.


9.    Saints of the Week



Wednesday, 30th November 2022

St. Andrew

Saturday, 3rd December 2022

St. Francis Xavier


10.  We take this opportunity to welcome any new person visiting our Parish for the first time. (Request them to either stand up or raise their hands and invite the parishioners to welcome them with a warm clap)




Find these announcements in our website and on our notice board.



[Swahili Version]


Kanisa Katoliki la Mt. Katerina wa Siena, Kitisuru.


Matangazo, Jumapili ya Kwanza ya Kipindi cha Majilio, Novemba 27, Mwaka 2022.


1.    Leo ni Jumapili ya kwanza ya Kipindi cha Majilio. Tunashukuru makundi yafuatayo kwa kuhudumu katika ibada zetu:


Misa ya saa 2 Asubuhi: Vijana

Misa ya Saa 4 Asubuhi: Wanadomonika

Misa ya saa 6 Adhuhuri: Jumuia ya Mt. Vincenti


2.    Jumapili ijayo itakuwa ya pili ya majilio. Makundi yafuatayo yatahudumu:


Misa ya saa 2 Asubuhi: CWA

Misa ya Saa 4 Asubuhi: MYM

Misa ya saa 6 Adhuhuri: CWA


3.    Kuna misa ya ubatizo wa watoto wachanga hapa katika parokia, Jumamosi ijayo, Disemba 3 kuanzia saa 4 asubuhi. Wazazi ambao waliandikisha watoto wao na kuhudhuria mafundisho, wanaombwa kuhudhuria matayarisho Ijumaa ijayo Disemba 2, saa 10 alasiri. 

4.    Ibada ya kusherehekea familia za dekania ya kati ni Jumamosi ijayo Disemba 3, katika kanisa la Mt. Mary Msongari, kuanzia saa 4 asubuhi. Kila kundi la eklesia hapa Mt. Katerina wa Siena na Mt. Martin, Kibagare, linatarajiwa kutuma angalau wawakilishi 10. 

5.    Tamasha la maonyesho ya nyimbo za krismasi mwaka 2022 litafanyika Disemba 11 baada ya misa ya pili. Kila jumuia, kundi la eklesia, familia na watu binafsi ambao watashiriki wanahimizwa kujiandikisha kwa katekista, Elias Simuyu au karani wa ofisi ya parokia kabla au kufikia tarehe 4 disemba.


6.    Baraza la parokia PPC, linaalika waumini wote kwa sherehe ya kuwakaribisha mapadre wapya katika parokia na kusema kwaheri kwa wanaoondoka mnamo disemba 11. Ili kujiandaa na zawadi zetu, tunaombwa kujitayarisha kwa mchango wa pili wa sadaka, Jumapili ijayo Disemba 4.  Makundi mbalimbali ya parokia yanaweza kujiandaa na zawadi zao kibinafsi. 

7.    Kutokana na kipindi kirefu cha ukame, parokia yetu imepokea maombi mengi kusaidia wasiobahatika katika jamii, hasa wakimbizi. Ni wajibu wetu kama wakristo kuwasaidia. Kuanzia wiki hii, kamati ya matendo ya huruma katika parokia yaani Charity Committee, inaomba mchango wa vyakula visivyoharibika haraka, nguo, dawa za kusafisha, sabuni na hata magazeti yaliyopitwa na wakati. Unaweza kuwasilishwa mchango wako kwa ofisi ya parokia siku yoyote ya wiki au Jumapili. Karibuni nyote. 

8.    Mikutano:

  •  Jumuia ya Mt Clara imeandaa mkutano wa Novemba leo baada ya misa ya saa 4 asubuhi nje ya kanisa dogo la kuabudia. Wanachama wanahimizwa kuhudhuria.

  •  Wazazi au walezi wa vijana wamishionari, MYM, wanakutana na padre leo tangu baada ya misa ya saa nne katika ukumbi wa basement.  Tafadhali hakikisha umehudhuria.

  •  Makundi yote ya parokia yatakuana Jumapili ijayo Disemba 4 baada ya misa ya saa nne.

  •  Baraza la parokia PPC, litafanya mkutano mfupi Disemba 11 baada ya tamasha la maonyesho ya nyimbo za krismasi.

 9.    Watakatifu wa Wiki



Jumatano, Novemba 30, 2022

Mt. Andrea

Jumamosi, Disemba 3, 2022

Mt. Fransisi Zaveri


Na sasa ni fursa ya kumkaribisha muumini yeyote anayeshiriki katika ibada ya hapa kwetu kwa mara ya kwanza. (Muombe kusimama au kuinua mkono alipo, na wakristo wamkaribishe kwa makofi)




Utapata matangazo haya katika tovuti yetu na ubao wa matangazo.





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